equilibrario is holistic and creative
equilibrario is holistic and creative

Balance is continuous motion, continuous transformation.

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What’s the connection between the holistic and design world?

Besides being my greatest passions - although not the only ones - the connection between the two worlds is the constant search for balance.
A neverending search in both fields since it is constantly moving and transforming.
It is not a solo journey, but - on the contrary - it is enriched through people and experiences that - sometimes even by chance - connect and shape my universe.
At the same time, I, too, would like to get in touch with the universes of people who are looking for a change within themselves and for their activities, looking for balance while moving and following their passions.
That's the idea behind equilibrario: a space where to share my journey and help with my expertise and passion those who are looking to enrich their personal and/or professional path.

Holistic section


Are you looking for a better self-awareness and a natural recovery of mental and physical well-being? I can help you.
There are many benefits that can be obtained by focusing at the energetic level.

  • Shiatsu
  • Tibetan bowls
  • Shiatsu for horses
Creative section


Whether you are an established company, looking for a fresh perspective, or a completely new one on the scene, I can help you build a unique design presence aligned with your brand to get in touch with the right audience.

  • Visual design (Web, Digital & Print)
  • Logo & brand identity
Lab section


I'm always looking for new ideas and projects to work on.
An open laboratory to test myself with new passions and interests that can enrich my mind and soul.
Curious? Follow me or get in touch.

  • Art & Craft